JUNE 4, 2021



1972~ Communist activist Angela Davis acquitted: Angela Yvonne Davis, a Black communist activist and former philosophy professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, is acquitted on charges of conspiracy, murder and kidnapping by a jury in San Jose, California.

In October 1970, Davis was arrested in New York City in connection with a shootout that occurred on August 7 in a San Raphael, California, courtroom. She was accused of supplying weapons to Jonathan Jackson, who burst into the courtroom in a bid to free inmates on trial there and take hostages whom he hoped to exchange for his brother George, a Black radical imprisoned at San Quentin Prison. In the subsequent shoot-out with police, Jonathan Jackson was killed along with Superior Court Judge Harold Haley and two inmates.

Davis, who had championed the cause of Black prisoners and was friends with George Jackson, was indicted in the crime but went into hiding. One of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s most wanted criminals, she was apprehended only two months later. Her trial began in March 1972 and drew international attention because of the weakness of the prosecution’s case and obvious political nature of the proceedings. In June 1972, she was acquitted of all charges. Read more


Link between Virginia Tech football player suspect and restaurant worker homicide victim murky in Blacksburg case

Details continued to emerge Thursday in the case of a Hokie linebacker charged with killing a Blacksburg restaurant worker on Memorial Day in a downtown apartment. At a brief court hearing, a judge appointed an attorney to defend 18-year-old Ismemen David Etute against a charge of second-degree murder. Read more

Police investigate reports of drugged diners at Blacksburg restaurant

Blacksburg police announced Thursday that investigators are looking into reports that customers were drugged at a town restaurant. In a news release, police said there were “multiple complaints and social media reports” about people being affected by something put in their drinks at Centro Taco Bar, a restaurant on North Main Street. Read more

US economy adds 559,000 jobs in May, rebounding from hiring slowdown

U.S. employers added 559,000 jobs in May, an improvement from April’s sluggish gain but still evidence that many companies are struggling to find enough workers as the economy rapidly recovers from the pandemic recession. Read more

Beautiful weather moves in for the weekend

This week’s drought monitor now has most areas along/east of the Blue Ridge in a Moderate Drought designation. This is the first time our area has been this dry since October 2019. The slow-moving cold front will push east toward the coast as high pressure builds in behind it. Shower and storm chances are much lower for Friday. Any activity would be very spotty and short-lived over one area. Highs return to the upper 70s in the mountains to low 80s elsewhere. Read more




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